Welcome to 07 Yanille - We are a clan on old school runescape that provides player owned houses in world 330 yanille!!!

Welcome to 07 Yanille - We are currently under site construction, you can use the site but there is many bug's and thing's that need to be fixed, so please be patient with us, thankyou.

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    Post by Psychic Sage on Thu Oct 11, 2018 8:56 am

    Hello everyone! I am just going to put this here for all to see. First off thank you Johno R! I created the site but Johno R has put in most all of the work and I really appreciate having such a dedicated Admin and good friend! Also I'm very glad to see more people interacting on the site. We are still a new clan and this is a new site. Eventually we will secure a better domain name but for now there is still a lot of work to do on the site. Please be patient as things start to unfold, as Myself and Johno R are the only admins at the moment. We are still working together so we can establish rules, ranking, reporting, and any other concern you may have at this time. Please post any concerns or suggestions in the suggestion forum for right now and in the meantime we need to just keep encouraging others to join the clan and the site so that we can mold this Hosting community into something great! Thanks everyone for your patience. Feel free to contact Myself or Johno R via Private Message on the site if you have any questions!

    Thank You. Wink

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