Welcome to 07 Yanille - We are a clan on old school runescape that provides player owned houses in world 330 yanille!!!

Welcome to 07 Yanille - We are currently under site construction, you can use the site but there is many bug's and thing's that need to be fixed, so please be patient with us, thankyou.

    My Introduction

    Psychic Sage
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    My Introduction Empty My Introduction

    Post by Psychic Sage on Mon Oct 08, 2018 8:00 pm

    Hola Amigos! I am Psychic Sage. I am a Yanille host and one of the original founders of the clan/website. I enjoy hosting and skilling. I hope to see this clan grow and would like to see more members on the forums. My goal is to keep Yanille a fun respectable place where hosts are working together not against each other. If you would like to get a hold of me message me in game (osrs) or pm me here on the forums. If something is very Urgent you can email me @


    Thanks Very Happy

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